Why does NIE go to the effort and expense of authoring, printing and posting hardcopy books? What are the benefits of studying for UMAT online?

February 11, 2016

Why does NIE go to the effort and expense of authoring, printing and posting hardcopy books?

The answer is quite easy; it simply works.
Put it this way, hardcopy books correctly mirror the UMAT, which is a hardcopy test sat at a desk and the hardcopy answer sheet is filled in with a real pencil. The only think online in relation to the UMAT is the application to sit the test. But applying for the test is not what gets you into medicine is it?
So what are the benefits of studying for UMAT online. Again the answer is easy; there are no benefits for the student, it simply means that the company providing the material can save thousands of dollars on printing an posting.
With NIE you have true educational organisation that is passionate about providing the world’s best UMAT training and hence your best opportunity to maximise your UMAT scores. We don’t script and save on educators, we don’t outsource our content, we don’t rely on students to author or deliver our material. We employ highly experienced and qualified teachers, we author in house and provide hardcopy books because we know they are far more convenient, practical and effective.
Sure, it would be great if we went online and increased our profit margins accordingly. But profit margins are not more important than seeing you reach your full potential and goals. Shouldn’t that be the aim of any valid educational organisation?
So down to nuts and bolts; books can be carried with you at any time. You don’t need a computer and a high speed internet connection to study them. You can make notes on your books, scroll back and forward quickly, access multiple pages and books at once and easily discuss them with others at any point in time and at any location. Books are flexible and adaptable in how and when you study. Online resources are not.
Think it through. Work with an organisation that puts your needs first, an organisation that values core and proven educational principles above higher profits and an organisation that delivers learning resources that are far more applicable, relevant and successful. And it this case, that is hard copy books; the same proven materials that NIE has been developing, publishing and utilising since 1999.


February 11, 2016

So who exactly is the NIE? Well it’s not a single person, although it was founded by a visionary director with a passion for education and assisting Australian Youth in realising their dreams, it is actually a dedicated team of qualified and experienced educators. Are we Doctors? Absolutely not. Whilst we could be as we are masters of the UMAT, the goal of NIE is to facilitate entry into medicine and other courses. As such it is paramount that our staff are enthusiastic and highly experienced educators with specialist educational strengths within the scope of the UMAT. And that my friends is a highly speeded psychometric test that actually has nothing at all to do with the study or practice of Medicine (other than being an abstract part of the selection process).

Yes, all of our staff have sat the UMAT and some of them many many times but we are not interested in becoming Doctors as we already have our own careers. But please be careful and understand the drawbacks of other preparation programs. We are not students, we are not aspiring or practicing Doctors. All of those things are highly demanding and can only detract from the sole purpose of what NIE sets out to achieve (and might I say that we achieve it tenfold with a proven track record of success exceeding 15 years and thousands of students).
Our research has revealed numerous interesting flaws and facts about the UMAT and the overall process. We know that the UMAT suits a personality or intelligence type and not necessarily the qualities of a good Doctor. We know that the majority of pre-UMAT Doctors openly admit that they could not pass the UMAT with sufficient scores to gain an interview. We know that being a Doctor or a medical student or even simply passing the UMAT, does not make you a qualified, experienced and effective educator on the subject. Hence the sole goal and focus of NIE is to provide the world’s highest quality in UMAT education, service and materials.
NIE is the longest running UMAT provider in the world. NIE was the first to be a Government Accredited and Registered Training Organisation. NIE was the first to provide hardcopy books. And NIE remains as the only UMAT training organisation with multiple experienced and qualified teachers who have all sat the UMAT and are career focused on teaching aspiring medical students on how to master it.
No one can promise to get you into medicine. Any one who does is either a liar or they are sitting the exam on your behalf (which by the way is cheating and not possible). We won’t promise to get you into medicine (or your chosen course) but we will promise to provide the world’s best UMAT relevant tuition, resources and support. And that is why we are so successful at getting so many students into medicine.
Please visit us at www.nie.edu.au and contact our helpful staff to discover the NIE UMAT difference for yourself. We truly want to see you realise your full potential.

So you want to sit the UMAT?

February 11, 2016

So you want to sit the UMAT? Did you know that in some cases the UMAT is actually more important than your entire Yr12?

Let’s look at Monash University as an example. Whilst they tout the selection process as being a fair balance of one third Yr12, one third UMAT and one third Interview, the reality of the weighting is quite surprising.
It’s all centred around the timelines. Results for the UMAT are released during September each year. Hence, well before the Yr12 finals are even sat, the Universities selection team know exactly who will be offered a first round interview. And this first round Interview offer is based solely on your UMAT scores. In fact the offer for an Interview is provided well before the final Yr12 results are even known. So without the sufficient UMAT score, you have no chance of receiving a first round Interview offer (no matter how well you did in Yr 12). But the situation gets even worse.
The Selection team are still not interested in your Yr12 score and will not even look at it unless you have scored sufficiently in your I
As far as selection for Medicine is concerned, in this case your Yr12 results will only ever be looked at if you have excelled at both the UMAT and the Interview. Don’t get us wrong, of course, you still need an exceptional Yr 12 Score. But without the required UMAT and Interview score, your Yr12 score is irrelevant.
Yes, it’s a demoralising system but this is where NIE can help. Over the past fifteen plus years we have ensured that thousands of aspiring Doctors have been given the best chance possible of realising their dreams. Based on the intrinsic difficulties of the UMAT and the overall selection process, it’s fair to say that in most cases, NIE has been the deciding factor in getting those students successfully into their dream career. For more information please visit www.nie.edu.au and chat with one of our highly experienced and qualified teachers about how we can also help you.

Conquering the UMAT

February 11, 2016

The first step in conquering the UMAT is to understand what the test is really all about.

Whilst they promote the UMAT as a specialised assessment tool for the selection of highly appropriate and specifically skilled candidates the truth is that it is nothing more that a barrier that protects the universities and greatly narrows the field of applicants. In essence the UMAT simply serves as an overrated filter. It’s a poor assessment tool and the unfortunate stopping point for far too many aspiring students with dreams of studying medicine.
In this day and age you may well be asking yourself how and why this could be true. With a burgeoning population and a pushed to capacity Yr12 system, the selection of students for highly popular courses like Medicine has never been harder. But consider this; whilst the population continues to grow, we have not seen any effective increase in the number of seats available to study medicine. A further complicating factor lies within the issue of limited government funding and growing costs to run the university programs. The follow on being a drop in actual places for local Australian students as a number of seats are allocated every year to full fee paying internationals. You can now clearly see where we are going when we state that the universities require a seemingly fair and equitable assessment tool that in reality stops most of the candidates in their tracks. hence greatly simplifying the selection process and protecting the universities themselves.
Now it is highly likely that you hold the medical fraternity in extremely high regards. You are an aspiring doctor with dreams of entering a career filled with challenges. Well the first challenge you just face is the UMAT. And understanding what it really is is the first real challenge. Now that you know it’s just another obstacle, understand that it’s just another thing for you to conquer. But when it is time for you to face this challenge you are not alone and that is where NIE can help you.
It’s no wonder that ACER (the authors of the UMAT) hate us. We have a proven track record of success. And that means that we are giving our students an unfair advantage on what is really an unfair test. So it’s no ethical dilemma at all for us to help you and we know in thousands of cases over the years, that our help has been the decoding factor in students successfully realising their dreams and being accepted to study medicine.
UMAT is an unfair obstacle. It’s biased and unrealistic in it’s presentation as a fair and equitable selection tool. Allow us to give you the edge, back you up and give you an unfair advantage. Visit www.nie.edu.au for more information.

UMAT2016 Important Dates

December 4, 2015

UMAT2016 date: Wednesday, 27 July 2016
UMAT2016 registrations – now available via umat.acer.edu.au
Registration deadline: 5.00pm AEST Friday 3 June 2016
Late registrations accepted until: 5.00pm AEST Friday 17 June 2016
UMAT2016 scores are valid for 1 year only.

Student working on homework in classroom

UMAT 2015 Updates

May 15, 2015

UMAT is held once a year usually on the last Wednesday of July. Students can repeat the UMAT if they were unsuccessful the year before.

UMAT 2015 will be held on the 29th of July 2015. Registration deadline is 5th of June 2015, 5pm AEST. Late registrations will be accepted until 5.00pm AEST 19 June 2015, however $65 penalty fee on top of the registration fee applies.

UMAT is available to any candidate whose educational level at the time of sitting the test is their final year of secondary schooling, or higher.

Students can register for the UMAT only via the ACER website.
UMAT 2015 covers the areas of Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving, Understanding People, and Non-verbal Reasoning. Students are given 3 hours to complete 134 multiple choice questions. Students will be provided with 10 minutes reading time.

UMAT Books and UMAT Preparation

May 15, 2015


Printed fresh every year, and containing all updated information, there are 8 books in Premium and DLP UMAT Preparation Courses and 10 books in the Platinum and Platinum DLP Courses.

Construct Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving (previously known as Section 1), Construct Understanding People (previously known as Section 2) and Construct Non-verbal Reasoning (previously known as Section 3), Starter Pack, UMAT Interview Techniques, Time Trial Tests, UMAT Starter pack, UMAT Update Pack, Final Trial Test, Platinum Pack 1, and Platinum Pack 2. These hard-copy books and tests set you in the right mode for the exam, which is not digitally administered but taken sitting at a desk with a book and pencil.

To get you underway immediately, Book 6 – UMAT Starter Pack will be emailed out to you directly in a printable PDF format. The ‘Starter Pack’ contains everything you will need to get started: all the information and strategies to understand, prepare for and succeed during such a ‘highly speeded psychometric exam’. It includes chapters on the anatomy of the UMAT, specific strategies, developing the required reading skills, advice on study, applications and UMAT Prep and numerous practice questions from all three UMAT constructs (previously known as Sections 1, 2 and 3).

For Premium or DLP Course students Books 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 (as well as additional Book 9 and 10 for Platinum Course students) will arrive in the mail within couple of days after finalising your UMAT NIE enrolment. Book 7 – UMAT 2013 Update Pack will be emailed out to you in a printable PDF format, and Book 8 Trial Test Paper will be administered at your chosen one day workshop (or mailed out to you if you are doing the DLP course). Mailing costs within Australia are covered by NIE.

UMAT 2015 news!

December 2, 2014

UMAT 2015 registrations are now open.

UMAT 2015 Information Booklet is also available from the umat.acer.edu.au website.

UMAT 2015 Preparation Courses available from nie.edu.au

UMAT 2015 Important Dates

November 14, 2014

UMAT 2015 Information Booklet Released – Late November 2015

UMAT 2015 Registration – Early December 2014

UMAT 2015 Registrations close – 5pm AEST 5 June 2015

UMAT 2015 Date – 29th July 2015 – Wednesday

UMAT 2015 Results released – Late September

Medical Interview Offers – Mid October 2015 Onwards

Medical Interview training – www.nie.edu.au

October 26, 2014

Medical Interview Training for UWS, Newcastle, UNSW and other states!

Click on the following links to read about the Medical / Dental Interviews, enrol into preparation workshop, or simply obtain the Medical Interview Techniques Guide.

Also, please note, while there are spots left for the Medical Interview workshop, we only have 2 spots left for the One-on-One personalised training session. The two final dates to choose from are:

11 November – 8am
11 November – 12 pm

Book now to avoid disappointment!

Medical Interview Workshop
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Medical Interview complete preparation package
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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions in relation to our Medical Interview training services.

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