hi simon and miranda

this is annjaleen. i just wanted to say a very very big thank you for your help and advice about all things interview and to let you know that i got a accepted to adelaide and Monash. i was a bit shocked to get the offer but i now believe when you say that you have a 100% successs rate. you two are the greatest even though you were really mean during the mock interview.

thanks again and have a good holiday



Dear Miranda and Simon Christie,

I am writing to thank you for helping me with my interview for Physiotherapy at Monash University. I recieved and have enrolled into the course. I will influence anyone I know who needs to take a similar interview to take the course as I found it to be worth every dollar. I will be moving to Frankston so I will not have to take the 2 hour train ride!




I did the NIE course for two years.

I struggled at the start with the easiest questions in the book. I thought I could not improve my performance in the UMAT and I was never going to become a Doctor. If I was not given the expert guidance by Simon and Miranda I would never have been able to follow my dream. I could not have faced the UMAT on my own. I also strongly suggest that anyone who has received an interview offer to attend Simon and Miranda’s individual interview training session.

Obtained an overall percentile of ninety eight for UMAT.

Received offers from Grifith, Adelaide and Monash, plan to study Medicine at Monash. Thanks Simon and Miranda for all your help with the UMAT and interviews



Hey guys!

Thanks to your course I was able to place in the 100 percentile for this year’s UMAT. My raw scores were 74 61 82 which was roughly 100 90 100 in percentile terms. The NIE books were invaluable in achieving this result. Not only do they contain loads of questions for practice but also approaches to certain types of questions within each section. This really helped me turn section 3 from my worst to my best.

It was great getting these results but as was shown by my practice interview, my technique needed a lot of work. Simon and Miranda you were great in highlighting my strengths and weaknesses and the foolproof technique has given me a newfound confidence in approaching the interviews.

To anyone thinking about NIE coaching it has my complete support. Without NIE I would’ve bombed section 3 and not been offered a single interview. The interview coaching is amazing and if you are lucky enough to achieve a good result don’t waste it and get the interview help

Thanks again guys, you’re the best!



Hey Simon and Miranda,

It’s Amuthan here, you did interview training with me for the JCU interview. I thought I should let u know, that I got a first round CSP offer into Griffith dentistry and I just got offered a late round CSP offer for JCU on Friday so I am really excited!

I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts in training me, that vigorous interview really did set me up for the JCU interview and it really helped me prepare for the real interview… your formula really did work!

Thanks a lot, and I guess you’ll be seeing my sister soon!

Kind regards,



Hi Guys,

I was wondering if you guys could please send me solutions to the timed exam for my reference.

I would also like to thank you guys once again for your valuable coaching. I would recommend to all future students sitting the UMAT!




Hi Simon & Miranda,

I have received all the study material and manuals through mail today, thanks very much. Sunday’s workshop was very impressive and very helpful. I would never regret participating it.

I started a bit late for preparing the test, the starter kit was actually my first touch of UMAT. Fingers croosed.

You memtioned at the end of the day that students can get explinations of the mock test answers. Would you mind pass me a copy of that? I reckon its useful to review and revise every single questions – simply to find out why i was wrong and how to avoid that mistake from happening when sitting the real exam.

Again I really appreciate all the efforts that you’ve put in.

Best regards,




I attended the UMAT lecture in Brisbane on Sunday and was hoping to get a copy of the full answers and explanations from our practice exam.

I thoroughly benefited from the workshop and would like to thank all the teachers for their help.




Dear Simon/Miranda

How are you guys going?

It’s Vikram Joshi here, I’m not sure if you remember me but I attended a couple of your workshops.

Just letting you know that I did end up making Med at UNSW and Monash and I chose UNSW.

A million thanks for all the guidance and information you gave, it proved really helpful and worthwhile.

Sincere thanks once again, take care and who knows, I may see you in Melbourne some time.




Hello to the (really nice) people at NIE UMAT preparation…This is Barbara, I don’t know if you remember me, but I undertook your course on preparation for the UMAT exam, as well as the mock interview. Sorry I’m writing so late but I just wanted to say…


Thanks to your help I was accepted in medicine at Monash University this year. It’s without a doubt that if I hadn’t have done your course, i would have failed the UMAT with flying colours and definitely not been offered an interview, let alone be accepted into the medicine course at Monash (which in, by the way, I’m having an absolute blast… love it!!!!). In all three sections of the UMAT the books you sent me explained everything very clearly and the practice questions were of invaluable help.

In regards to the mock interview that you organised, even though it was tough….really tough (which was a good thing!) , it made the actual interview seem like a walk in the park, I in fact enjoyed the actual interview! I was once again very satisfied with this and I believe that without your mock interview I wouldn’t have been accepted.

Your course is one of the cheapest and I really recommend it to anyone who is thinking about doing medicine… as long as they are willing to put in the work, study the books you send and do all the questions.

Thank-you once again.

Barbara (1st year medical student at Monash Uni …yay!)


Hey simon its michael.

I just sat the Umat and i found that ur course really helped especially in section 2 and 3. I found section 1 the hardest even tho i did most of the questions from the prep-books.

But i guess i’ll have 2 wait and see.

Thanx i really appreciate the course u offer.


Hello Mr. Christie,

I have recently signed up for your UMAT preparation course in June, and have been working through the material you have sent over – it is such a massive help for me. I’ve been working through the Section III manual and like you said, after learning the technique, I am now very confident with these questions.




Dear Simon,

I was one of the many students that participated in your workshop last year, and I have to say it was a great help. The UMAT workbooks and information you provided were more than sufficient tools for any prospective student wanting a course in health sciences/medicine. And of course, let’s not forget the many e-mails back and forth answering all my persistent queries and concerns about the admissions exam! All of the teachers were valuable mentors to me, and I can only wish you continued success in this programme.

I was called for three interviews for medicine, and was accepted by two…one of which I believed was far beyond my reach and which I had hoped to enter. With God’s help and your training, I am now undertaking 1st year medicine at this uni, and couldn’t be happier.

Thank you again, and all the best for the coming years!



Hi Simon!!

Thanks for the e-mail, and I just thought I’d get in contact to say that I managed to scrape through for an interview at Monash University for Medicine, and I got a first round offer there (which I naturally accepted!).

Thanks so much for making the UMAT course and the interview skills booklet, it helped so much!! Now that I’m in med, it makes me appreciate just how hard it is, especially for metropolitan students to get into med, and without doing your prep course, I’d have no chance!!

Best of luck for the next lot of UMAT hopefulls!!



Thanks for your email, just to let you know I did make it into medicine at Hobart, which is what I wanted. Maybe my efforts weren’t that bad after all.

Thanks again



Hey guys!

Just thought I should let you know that I got into Medicine at Monash (My first preference). I would just like to say thanks for the UMAT and interview help you guys gave. By the way, I felt that the Monash interview was very friendly and less intense than the mock interview. However, I think the intensity and difficulty of the mock interview was good as it made the Monash interview seem like a walk in the park! ….well maybe not that easy!




Hi, My results were (percentiles) 94, 100, 99. My raw scores were 65, 84 and 76.

It’s hard exactly to say how much doing the course helped me actually get better marks but the big thing was the confidence I had going into UMAT knowing that I had done my best to prepare for it. I think doing all those practise questions were definitely worth it, especially for the psychological advantage it gave me. The actual workshop was worth it for the mock UMAT exam alone, I thought that was a really good idea for us to do it under test conditions as it gave me so much confidence for the real thing.

That’s all I had to say really. Keep up the good work!

Thanks heaps for helping us Kiwis out for the UMAT!!




well i had percentiles of 76, 40 and 99

not particularly good especially sec 2 but given the background i came from i’m ok wif it

do u think is it possible for two candidates wif the same umat raw score, but having a percentile different of massive 40% add the end? tat happen to me!

my sec 2 raw score was 47, which is around 5-6 less than wat my neighbour had but it turned up to be a massive 40%++ different in percentile of sec 2

anyway this score did earn me an interview at UNSW

well i am pretty happy wif the overall quality of the prep materials.. without u possibly i can’t even earn a place for interview at UNSW

anyway..a big thanks to u guys


Hey Simon,

just letting you know, my percentiles were 91, 95, 65.

Thankyou very much for your assistance in the course, without the assistance in (especially in section three) I think I may have found myself in the 0-20 category on all sections.

Thanks again, Simon.

Regards Tom


Hi Simon,

Good news at my end in London:

Section 1: 59% Section 2: 98% Section 3: 96%

Am hopeful that this might be enough to sneak in for an interview. Will let you know if I get an interview.





My umat results were 56, 56, 54; with percentile of 76, 76, 74.

A bit disappointing, but when doors close others always open. Either way I wouldn’t have scored anywhere near that without your help.




Hi Simon and Miranda,

Our children just received their UMAT results half an hour ago. They have both done quite well and we thank you for all your assistance.

Scores were 94, 67 and 96 and 99, 58 and 100 respectively.

Anyway, thanks again for everything and if we have any new information we will share that with you esp you may get lots of queries from others.


Beow Leng


Thanks NIE!

I got an interview at my first choice New South Wales! I’m delighted! Without your help im certain that i wouldn’t have done half as good! Although i haven’t got my UMAT results back, it can’t be that bad.

i would like some help with my interview preparation. I saw on your site that you also have interview training. I was wondering if that is still available?

thanks again NIE!


Dear Simon, Miranda and Daniella,

On Friday I received my UMAT results and was very happy with them. I scored well in all sections, getting on the 100th percentile in the first section, which I never expected.

I attended one of your preparation sessions on a Sunday at Beth Rivkah Ladies College I’m sure I could not have been so successful without your training and practice booklets. Thankyou for everything and I look forward to using your interview techniques manual.

Thanks again.



Dear Mr Christie,

I’ve gotten my UMAT scores, and here they are: Raw: 1: 88 2: 84 3: 67 Percentiles: 1: 100 2: 100 3: 96

so that’s really good, and I want to thank you again for your course, and also ask a question – do the universities use the scores or the percentiles to see if you get into medicine? because if it is the scores, mine add up to 239, which is good but not great…whereas if they use the percentiles, obviously i am much happier!

please tell me soon, i’m not sure whether to be ecstatic or not!





Having received the UMAT results today I am both happy and perplexed. Obviously we receive both a set of UMAT scores and percentiles; I was wondering which of these the universities use for comparison with other candidates, i.e. which is the important one – although the UMAT website says the scores are the ones, my scores look, quite frankly, bad, in terms of a score out of 100, while my percentiles have me over the moon.

Out of interest, my raw scores were 68, 64, and 67, and percentiles were 96, 95, and 96.

Your program was excellent for preparation for the UMAT, and many thanks to you and NIE. The interview booklet has also been of great help in preparation for next week’s UNSW interviews.




Dear Simon and Miranda Christie,

My Name is Samuel Hall and I come from Geelong. I undertook the NIE UMAT Preparation Course and Mock Interview Course in 2005.

I am pleased to let you know that the wonderful advice given to me by you concerning the UMAT and Interview Process throughout the year helped me gain a First Round Offer to study Medicine at the University of Adelaide in 2006.

Firstly, I would like to say that the notes you provide for the UMAT Preparation Course were an influential part to my success, In Particular, the notes regarding the Type 1 and 2 Puzzles in Section 3. I sat the UMAT in 2004 and had struggled with this part of the exam, but the hints and many example puzzles offered in the Section 3 Manual made the Puzzles no longer intimidating, but something that could be approached with confidence.

Secondly, I would like to thank you for the advice you gave to me during my Mock Interview back on that rainy day in early December. I knew that if I was to succeed in the Interview Process that there were many things I still needed to improve on and the three of you picked out every little aspect that needed improvement and this definitely maximised my chances of gaining a place to Study Medicine.

I Wish you both the best and thank you again for helping me get one step closer to achieving my dream of becoming a doctor,

Many Thanks,



Hi, my name is Miri.

You probably don’t remember me, but I was the girl at the Adelaide UMAT prep course this year ‘who just couldn’t see the shapes in the puzzles’ and insisted it was impossible.

I had tried a few questions previously when i sat the UMAT in 2004, and tried to learn the techniques like looking for parallel lines etc and i just couldn’t do it, i failed the shapes section miserably in 2004.

However, after attending the prep course this year i went home and finished every single question in the book and some i still had from last year and it worked! i got a percentile ranking of 91 in the 2005 UMAT and i just wanted to say thankyou very much, the way you taught it on the day helped me to believe that i could learn it.

and now thanks to my scores, i have an interview for dentistry, something i thought was impossible to get.

Thanks again.


Thanks very much simon, looks like you did have a very busy week.

With students coming from and London. What a way to travel! I’m not really sure how my first interview went – but i’m happy, so i take that as a good sign. do you have an idea of when the monash calls for interviews will be?

my umat results were: section1: 82 section2: 89 section3: 94

Thanks again!



Hey Simon,

its Nadine here, and I have just got my umat results back. but due to living in china (and the loss of contact with actual, sane reality that inevitably follows that, lol) i dont know how to interpret the results/ know if they’re high enough to get an interview….

I got as raw scores: 61, 70, 63 percentiles i got: 90,99,91

which is a hell of a lot better than last year (after doing another course???), and sounds as if its good enough for interviews but I’m not sure as it will depend on how many people sat umat and out of those, who applied for medicine etc.

Would you please be able to fill me in on whether these scores are high enough? And if they are, approx when will interviews be held? Would the interviews require me to go back home or would it be possible to have an interview over the internet (using webcam) or over the phone?

thanks for filling me in on these questions! write back when u have the time,

Nadine 🙂


Hi Simon and Miranda!!

just wanted to say the BIGGEST thankyou for all your help with the interview prep. One thing that i certainly did find at the Adelaide interview was that they really made the effort to be as friendly as possible and make sure that i felt as comfortable as possible. The questions that i got asked certainly mirrored what you had asked me and i did do my homework just as you asked, therefore i had many stories to tell them.

thanks heaps for ALL your help once again… i certainly feel that i was much more confident for this interview, and overall I’m pretty happy with how it went. I’ll keep you guys posted!!



Hi Simon,

Hope you are well…

Not sure if you guys had the same paper in Melbourne, but I found today’s paper in Sydney challenging but ‘do-able’…

The patterns in section three were quite hard, as was section 2, but I felt I could do most of it and I will hopefully go ok…

The skills and practice from NIE lecture day and booklets were essential… Thanks very much for that and all your support over the past few months..

What did you think of the paper?





I thought the program was definitely helpful, although I still don’t think I went too well on the UMAT. I know it would have been a lot worse had I not done the course. Probably needed to spend more time on the pattern recognition parts in section 3 though.

But you were right all along; if you want to do well you have to take the UMAT very seriously.

Thanks for you help and good luck with this years group,



hi simon, its Edith.

I’m not sure whether you even remember me or not, but i did the umat last year and was trying to get into medicine. i know this comes as really late, but well, i ended up getting in at Melbourne =)

once again, thank you soooo much to the whole team. i could never have done it without you.

good luck with this years med hopefuls cheers



Thank you so much for your help with the UMAT preparation. I have got my results back and have done quite well, my percentiles were:

Section 1 …98 Section 2 …98 Section 3 …79.

I am very pleased with these results and have since been offered an interview with University of Adelaide which I am quite excited about.

Thanks a million



My percentiles were 100, 67, and 89 and I got an interview for NSW. There is no way I could have done it without your NIE program. Out of curiosity, what sort of UMAT results are needed to get an interview at Adelaide?





if anyones interested, i scored 100 in section 1, and 96 in section 3, but 58 in section 2 – i found your session on section 2 the least helpful so i guess the scores reflect that, but absolutely stoked with the other two marks – couldn’t have done it without NIE.

Still can’t believe that 1st section mark, and that third section was very much thanks to the extra time that Simon spent with me. I’m waiting for offers but am happy with my scores.

A main round offer at UNSW is most probably harder due to the fact that i’m transferring rather than leaving school so far fewer places.

Anyway thanks very much for everything,



Hi Simon,

Kasun got very good results for his UMAT. He got 99th , 87th and 88th percentiles respectively for the three sections. His overall percentile is 97th.

These results will lead him towards to an interview. He is doing well in his studies as well. Is it possible to book an interview training session in late November as he will be finishing his TEE on the 16th November?

Thank you very much for helping him to achieve his goals.




Just thought I’d let you know how I went in UMAT. I got in the 97th percentile which I’m really happy with!! I just want to say thanks for the course and the materials, they were very useful.





Hi Simon,

I obtained scores of 98% (70 raw), 96% (63 raw), 96% (65 raw). My overall percentile was 99%.

Is it likely that the cut-offs would go down this year?

Thanks for all your help,

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