Conquering the UMAT

The first step in conquering the UMAT is to understand what the test is really all about.

Whilst they promote the UMAT as a specialised assessment tool for the selection of highly appropriate and specifically skilled candidates the truth is that it is nothing more that a barrier that protects the universities and greatly narrows the field of applicants. In essence the UMAT simply serves as an overrated filter. It’s a poor assessment tool and the unfortunate stopping point for far too many aspiring students with dreams of studying medicine.
In this day and age you may well be asking yourself how and why this could be true. With a burgeoning population and a pushed to capacity Yr12 system, the selection of students for highly popular courses like Medicine has never been harder. But consider this; whilst the population continues to grow, we have not seen any effective increase in the number of seats available to study medicine. A further complicating factor lies within the issue of limited government funding and growing costs to run the university programs. The follow on being a drop in actual places for local Australian students as a number of seats are allocated every year to full fee paying internationals. You can now clearly see where we are going when we state that the universities require a seemingly fair and equitable assessment tool that in reality stops most of the candidates in their tracks. hence greatly simplifying the selection process and protecting the universities themselves.
Now it is highly likely that you hold the medical fraternity in extremely high regards. You are an aspiring doctor with dreams of entering a career filled with challenges. Well the first challenge you just face is the UMAT. And understanding what it really is is the first real challenge. Now that you know it’s just another obstacle, understand that it’s just another thing for you to conquer. But when it is time for you to face this challenge you are not alone and that is where NIE can help you.
It’s no wonder that ACER (the authors of the UMAT) hate us. We have a proven track record of success. And that means that we are giving our students an unfair advantage on what is really an unfair test. So it’s no ethical dilemma at all for us to help you and we know in thousands of cases over the years, that our help has been the decoding factor in students successfully realising their dreams and being accepted to study medicine.
UMAT is an unfair obstacle. It’s biased and unrealistic in it’s presentation as a fair and equitable selection tool. Allow us to give you the edge, back you up and give you an unfair advantage. Visit for more information.

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