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UMAT Interviews

October 31, 2013

Revolutionary UMAT Interview Training

The UMAT is now over and it is time for those who have performed to the required standard, to cross the final hurdle on the way to starting their studies in the medical field. We are of course, referring to the medical school interview process, which will be offered to the lucky few.

One-on-One UMAT Interview Training
NIE has been conducting personalised one-on-one interview workshops for over 13 years, and with a very high success rate! The one-on-one interview is catered to each student’s individual and specific needs, based on things like their past life experiences; family, cultural and social background; past study experience; and finally, the university for which they are preparing for. This is a very intense interview session, which places the interviewee in the interview hot seat before they attend the real interview. Unlike other interview workshops, our aim is not to rehearse the questions. Because the reality is that no one really knows, which questions will be asked at the real interview. Instead, we closely study each individual’s demeanour and their style of answering questions, communication skills and general logics. The interview aims at fine-tuning and polishing ones understanding of the interview process and how they should tackle different styles of questions. Once these skills have been mastered, no question will come as a surprise. Furthermore, based on each individual’s performance during the mock interview, each interviewee will be given extra homework that they will have to complete and follow through during the real interview.
The places for the one-on-one interviews are very limited as they are conducted by the core academic staff of NIE. Therefore, we strongly urge those who have been given an interview offer to not risk going unprepared to the interview and take advantage of our one-on-one interview training session. Please note, that for the one-on-one training we will not take any bookings unless you have been given an interview offer.

Workshop UMAT Interview Training
NIE also offers an Interview Workshop, which is a full day event conducted in a group setting. This workshop is entirely structured and based on some of the models that are taught during our one-on-one session. This workshop will allow each and every attendee to sharpen their communication skills as well as experience the proverbial “Hot Chair”, they will also gain an in-depth understanding of the interview process of various universities. This workshop is not only imperative for those who have been offered or expecting an interview offer, but it is also important for ones future career and studies. It will be a concentrated, but fun and exciting day filled with intense learning through role plays, group activities, self-reflection and of course written theory.
Click here to express your interest in attending either one-on-one revolutionary UMAT interview training session, the workshop, or both.

UMAT Interview Preparation Book
Finally, if you have not completed one of our UMAT preparation courses, you will need to purchase the Interview Techniques manual prior to undertaking the interview training session.

Our NIE UMAT Interview Techniques hardcopy book is an intensive training aid covering all aspects of successful interview preparation. This book includes developmental exercises for constructing a relevant personal interview profile, invaluable advice on researching strategic information, professional tips on interview etiquette, creating lasting impressions, managing nerves, and confidently answering questions. And most importantly over 120 real Medical School questions and scenarios with advice on how to practice and answer them. Click here to purchase NIE UMAT Interview Techniques book.

Please note, for your convenience during this busy UMAT interview training period NIE office will be open 7 days a week, 8.00am till late.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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