The Undergraduate Medicine and Health Science Admission Test (UMAT) is designed to assess a range of non-academic personal qualities, which are considered important for the study, and practice of medicine, dentistry and other health professions. The tests are developed each year to rigorous professional and technical standards by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER -. an independent national research and development organisation) on behalf of a group of universities (the UMAT Consortium) formed for the purpose of collaborating on selection testing of applicants for bachelors degrees in medicine and health sciences. ACER is responsible for the administration of UMAT on behalf of the UMAT Consortium.

The UMAT is forever changing as are the ways in which it is used. The number of courses it relates to also grows each year.

Prepare for the UMAT

The evidence in favour of UMAT preparation is clear. Exposure to the many types and the continual practicing of questions indicitave of the real UMAT exam will profit students and improve their chances of success.

Even students with high enter / op scores may fare poorly in the UMAT exam, missing out on a place in the course of their choice, due simply to not being aware and appropriately prepared.

Familiarization, awareness, strategy development and practice are a part of appropriate preparation for anything requiring discipline. UMAT is no different to any other test, assessment or performance. In many cases, preparing for UMAT has proven to be the deciding factor in successfully being offered an interview. For future medicine hopefuls the UMAT exam may be the toughest and most important exam of their lives – be prepared!

UMAT can not be learnt, studied or prepared for in one day, two days or even ten days. This is why we have employed specialist teachers who not only have academic expertise within the UMAT fields but are also experts in developing competency based distance education training programs that are relevant, easy to follow and highly effective.

NIE facilitate their courses via their unique series of hard-copy manuals. Get in the right frame of mind to sit this paper-based exam.

From one month to Four Years UMAT Prep : NIE has your study options covered!

What universities require the UMAT?

Click on one of the following links to view the university’s UMAT and entrance requirements:

  1. The University of Adelaide
  2. The University of Auckland
  3. Bond University
  4. Griffith University
  5. University of Melbourne
  6. Monash University
  7. University of Newcastle
  8. University of New South Wales
  9. University of Otago
  10. University of Queensland
  11. University of Tasmania
  12. University of Western Australia
  13. University of Western Sydney

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