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NIE students and aspiring UMAT candidates, the 2009 study year is upon us..

February 5, 2009

Dear NIE students and aspiring UMAT candidates, the 2009 study year is upon us and whilst the enquiries and NIE enrollments steadily grow the team at NIE are committed to supporting you all in a variety of ways.

Our current students have now sunk their teeth deeply into the fully refreshed ‘Starter Pack’ (Book 4) and the much anticipated release of our new 2009 curriculums and practice books (Books 1, 2, 3, 5 & 7) are being released as you read this.

Great care has been taken to nail down the adaptations seen in 2008, especially within Section one and two of the UMAT and our all new practice questions reflect these changes in full. for those in the know, the main changes relate to an increase in base problem solving questions in Section one and a reemergence of the simplistic reading comprehension questions in Section two. For Section three it looks like the trialed ‘same as’ type questions have been dropped and overall the new presentation of scoring an the use of scores will continue.

It is no wonder that NIE remains the first source of information on the UMAT, being the only provider that employs full time staff for each Section of this ubiquitous test. Our staff have all sat the UMAT and we have staff who sit it every year. NIE has been a government accredited training organisation running UMAT programs since 1999 and our ethos of providing the best and most relevant education possible will see our tenth year of UMAT Prep be one of our most successful.

For further information please feel free to contact our friendly and helpful UMAT experts at any time.


Simon Christie National Institute Of Education 03 8300 0277 0414 595 117