So who exactly is the NIE? Well it’s not a single person, although it was founded by a visionary director with a passion for education and assisting Australian Youth in realising their dreams, it is actually a dedicated team of qualified and experienced educators. Are we Doctors? Absolutely not. Whilst we could be as we are masters of the UMAT, the goal of NIE is to facilitate entry into medicine and other courses. As such it is paramount that our staff are enthusiastic and highly experienced educators with specialist educational strengths within the scope of the UMAT. And that my friends is a highly speeded psychometric test that actually has nothing at all to do with the study or practice of Medicine (other than being an abstract part of the selection process).

Yes, all of our staff have sat the UMAT and some of them many many times but we are not interested in becoming Doctors as we already have our own careers. But please be careful and understand the drawbacks of other preparation programs. We are not students, we are not aspiring or practicing Doctors. All of those things are highly demanding and can only detract from the sole purpose of what NIE sets out to achieve (and might I say that we achieve it tenfold with a proven track record of success exceeding 15 years and thousands of students).
Our research has revealed numerous interesting flaws and facts about the UMAT and the overall process. We know that the UMAT suits a personality or intelligence type and not necessarily the qualities of a good Doctor. We know that the majority of pre-UMAT Doctors openly admit that they could not pass the UMAT with sufficient scores to gain an interview. We know that being a Doctor or a medical student or even simply passing the UMAT, does not make you a qualified, experienced and effective educator on the subject. Hence the sole goal and focus of NIE is to provide the world’s highest quality in UMAT education, service and materials.
NIE is the longest running UMAT provider in the world. NIE was the first to be a Government Accredited and Registered Training Organisation. NIE was the first to provide hardcopy books. And NIE remains as the only UMAT training organisation with multiple experienced and qualified teachers who have all sat the UMAT and are career focused on teaching aspiring medical students on how to master it.
No one can promise to get you into medicine. Any one who does is either a liar or they are sitting the exam on your behalf (which by the way is cheating and not possible). We won’t promise to get you into medicine (or your chosen course) but we will promise to provide the world’s best UMAT relevant tuition, resources and support. And that is why we are so successful at getting so many students into medicine.
Please visit us at www.nie.edu.au and contact our helpful staff to discover the NIE UMAT difference for yourself. We truly want to see you realise your full potential.

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