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All mixed sections UMAT approach strategy.

April 14, 2014

Up until year 2013 there were always 3 separate sections in the UMAT where students had to finish each section in particular given time. Students were not allowed to go back to the previous section once the time for the section was up. The styles of questions for UMAT 2014 are still covering Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving, Understanding People and Non-verbal Reasoning skills. However, questions are no longer divided into three timed sections. Just like UMAT 2013, this year UMAT 2014 will also be a 3 hour test consisting of 134 randomly mixed questions, there are no rest breaks, and students will be given 10 minutes reading time. Students can answer questions in any order they want.

In our understanding the relatively new “all-mixed’ UMAT approach can work both ways, to students’ advantage as well as disadvantage. Students can spend a little extra time on the areas of the test that they are confident in, and hopefully score extra marks by answering more questions correctly. However, students need to be very careful as to how they are spending their time by going through the questions that are difficult or unfamiliar to them. Naturally, when students find a particular question difficult, they tend to spend more time trying to figure it out, but is this the right test-taking strategy for the UMAT?? Students will need to be extra careful with how they spend their time answering questions and ensure that they do not leave too many unattempted questions towards the end. Once again, we cannot stress enough, that with so many thousands of students sitting the test, every extra question answered correctly can make a very big difference at the end. Students need to practice their test-taking skills and follow through with developed strategies during the actual test.