So you want to sit the UMAT?

So you want to sit the UMAT? Did you know that in some cases the UMAT is actually more important than your entire Yr12?

Let’s look at Monash University as an example. Whilst they tout the selection process as being a fair balance of one third Yr12, one third UMAT and one third Interview, the reality of the weighting is quite surprising.
It’s all centred around the timelines. Results for the UMAT are released during September each year. Hence, well before the Yr12 finals are even sat, the Universities selection team know exactly who will be offered a first round interview. And this first round Interview offer is based solely on your UMAT scores. In fact the offer for an Interview is provided well before the final Yr12 results are even known. So without the sufficient UMAT score, you have no chance of receiving a first round Interview offer (no matter how well you did in Yr 12). But the situation gets even worse.
The Selection team are still not interested in your Yr12 score and will not even look at it unless you have scored sufficiently in your I
As far as selection for Medicine is concerned, in this case your Yr12 results will only ever be looked at if you have excelled at both the UMAT and the Interview. Don’t get us wrong, of course, you still need an exceptional Yr 12 Score. But without the required UMAT and Interview score, your Yr12 score is irrelevant.
Yes, it’s a demoralising system but this is where NIE can help. Over the past fifteen plus years we have ensured that thousands of aspiring Doctors have been given the best chance possible of realising their dreams. Based on the intrinsic difficulties of the UMAT and the overall selection process, it’s fair to say that in most cases, NIE has been the deciding factor in getting those students successfully into their dream career. For more information please visit and chat with one of our highly experienced and qualified teachers about how we can also help you.

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