UMAT Interviews Preparation and Training –

NIE UMAT Interviews and Effective Communication Workshop.


Yes, you do!!! – The main reason some universities advise against interview preparation for UMAT is because they would like to dissuade you from attending a course run by unqualified presenters, jeopardising your true chance of success in the interview. This is a common occurrence with workshops and teachers where typical interview questions are rehearsed and rote answers are spoon fed to students. Be assured, your UMAT interviewers will be able to identify this impersonal behaviour. Furthermore, at the opposite end of the spectrum, universities are concerned that unsuitable applicants will become well trained and progress successfully through the interview process unhindered.

Neither of the above will happen at the NIE Interview and Effective Communication Workshop. Firstly, our workshops are run by qualified health specialists and educators, who are professionally and personally dedicated to seeing the right people get the right job. This is why we explicitly request that unless you are 100% certain that a medical career is your own innate desire and dream, do not sign up to our workshop, as we will not train you to show the commitment that ensures your success. We work with those know where they want to go, and we will hold your hand and walk you to that door. We will certainly not spoon feed you or push you through that door!

Secondly, rehearsing interview answers is one of the riskiest and least effective methods for preparing for an interview of this caliber. At the NIE workshop, we will look at some typical UMAT questions, but we will not rehearse anything by rote. Our workshop is about teaching you the anatomy of an interview and giving you an in-depth understanding of the whole process. We will teach you effective communication techniques and prepare you to make an impact in the interview room. We will help you become memorable. We will encourage you to dig deep, to be real, and discover your own self with your best attributes, all the while being aware of what they are looking for. An interview is a presentation process. You need to know the product (which is you!) in order to present it effectively and rise above the rest. And of course, there are some social and psychological basics to be explored that will help you glide comfortably and confidently through the most challenging interview of your life.

The workshop will be a value-packed, full day event where lunch and refreshments will be provided to all participants. The day will be filled with fun activities, interaction, practical tools, and lots of self-analysis.

To enrol visit and select ‘UMAT Interviews Workshop’ under the UMAT Interviews main menu tab.

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