When is the best time to start preparing for the UMAT?

If you are in year 10 or 11 and studying for UMAT – well done! You are in much better competitive position than those who started preparation later. Take it easy and develop yourself a steady study routine, where you don’t over-study and become tired of it. Because you will have ups and downs with the preparation, it can get difficult to stay motivated when there is no one to push you. The main advice is not to spend too much time on understanding the content of the questions when you are looking as to where you went wrong, but rather, try to see where your thought process went wrong and understand the strategy of test techniques, rather than understanding the concepts of the stimulus material. Because in the actual UMAT, as you know, you will never have an identical question to what you attempted through practice, but questions similar in their testing style. The biggest mistake students can do is to get stuck on trying to understand a certain question for an entire day, as someone else will just skip it move on and do another 20 questions that day.

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