UMAT and Negative Marking

Please note the following, as stated in the 2013 ACER Information Booklet.

All questions have the same value; therefore, by attempting as many questions as possible, you stand the best chance of maximising your score.

No marks are deducted for a wrong answer.

If you mark more than one answer to a question, it will be considered wrong.

Answers should be marked directly onto the answer sheet, not in the test book.

You may do rough work in the margins of your test book. Scrap paper is not allowed.

What does NIE think about the above ACER info?

Yes, there has been a lot of confusion when it comes to UMAT and negative marking. According to AECR, you will NOT have 1 mark deducted per incorrect answer choice. In saying that, it does not mean that it is a 50/50 chance that ACER might be using a formula to rank the scores where some negative marking scheme is applied to standardise thousands of UMAT candidate scores. Once again, ACER keeps the information as to how they mark the test confidential, and no one knows how it is done, so we cannot conclude if there is negative marking or not. However! Negative marking does not mean that for every incorrect answer you will have one mark deducted from your final score.

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