UMAT ACER Practice Tests

You will be provided with a free UMAT practice ACER booklet upon your registration for the UMAT 2013. You can also buy extra practice booklets from their website.

NIE advice:

Do attempt ACER practice questions to ensure that you are not leaving anything to chance.

However, things that ACER does not tell you:

ACER booklets do not have explanations to the questions, just answers (A, B, C, D…), which proves useless if you are trying to use these test for study purposes.
UMAT is a physical book test, and from this year, ACER practice questions are online. Hence, practicing their questions makes it a very different experience to what UMAT will be like in real life (especially section 3 requires you to make notes about the puzzles on paper, which is not possible to do when questions are on the computer screen)

ACER practice questions are the same questions that were used 10 years ago. Even then students used to say that ACER booklets were much easier than the real UMAT. Ten years on, the UMAT difficulty level grew immensely, but it seems like ACER did not bother to change the difficulty of their practice question, so please, be cautious about this.

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