UMAT Interviews

Dear students,

We just wanted to touch base with you all as we head towards our busiest interview prep period ever.

From 2001 to 2011, we have completed around 25 to 30 private interview sessions each year. The finishing of year 12 exams and the commencement of interviews typically left only a two week period for interview prep. With each of our unique private sessions lasting around 3 hours, we could only service 25 to 30 students each year, meaning that many missed out.

During 2010, though, the interview schedule of many universities was changed and we ended up conducting 52 private 3 hour sessions over a 4 week period. We are yet to see what the interview schedules for all universities will be this year, but we are expecting a similar spread to 2013.

So far this year, we have heard from numerous students who have scored in the 90s and are excitedly hopeful of interviews, but we have also heard from many who have not done as well as hoped. Either way, NIE remains committed to doing whatever we can to help. As such, the private interview sessions are now close to half booked out (with some early invitations from certain universities) but we are also offering a substantial discount of $100 off the cost of the 2011 Premium Course for NIE students who would like to repeat the program. Unlike other providers, our questions and tests are new each year, hence there is full benefit in doing the course more than once.

For new students (please recommend to friends, family, etc) we also have our Early Bird Special running. Students who apply for our Premium, DLP or Concession courses will instantly be sent three bonus books valued at $390 at no extra charge. All new students enrolling before Dec 2011 will receive the Early Bird Books with early curricula and 900 extra questions with answers. This is an excellent offer and brings unprecedented value to the package. And of course our normal group discounts apply with any group of three or more students applying together receiving a worthwhile $75 discount off the Platinum, Premium or DLP programs.

In summary:
We are now taking bookings for the NIE interview sessions.
Repeat NIE students are offered a $100 discount.
Early Bird enrolments receive 3 bonus books with over 900 extra questions.
Group bookings for 2012 get a $75 discount.

Finally, if you have the time, we would greatly appreciate it if you could please like us on Facebook and help us to build the page and serve our future students better.

Thanks you for your time and support over the years and we wish you the best with your future studies.


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