Consortium Questions UMAT

Wow, it has taken some time (20 years or more), but finally, the Consortium of Universities that use the UMAT as part of their selection process has finally questioned the validity of the UMAT results. Whilst this places a huge question over the future of the UMAT, the question as to what and how it would be replaced still remains, as does the university’s desperate need for an extra selection tool. So, at least in the short term and in our opinion, UMAT will remain.

To add to this, a well known private school in Melbourne has been asked to participate in an ACER run assessment that will hopefully offer some insight or answers to the concerns of the Consortium. We know this as our staff were invited to present an overview of the UMAT to the year 11 and 12 students of this school just before they sat the initial ACER assessment…all very interesting.

That said, UMAT 2011 is still on and most students already have their preparation well under way.

Stay posted, as this will be a very interesting year in the development of UMAT.

Simon Christie
Director NIE
Section 3 Lecturer

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