Update Pack

Hi to all of our 2010 students. Wow, what a huge weekend the VCE Careers Expo was down in Melbourne. Great to meet a lot of our students and equally great for so many more to see why NIE has the edge with hardcopy books and full time teachers for each section.

As promised, the Update Pack (Book 7) will be provided to all of our students before the end of April. I know you are all waiting for it, considering the changes to the 2010 UMAT and the very interesting practice books from ACER. Well, Book 7 is almost done and will be sent to all of our students this week.

I hope the preparation is moving along well and we are looking forward to meeting you all face to face at the workshops.

Simon Christie
Director NIE (and Section 3 Lecturer).

2 Responses to “Update Pack”

  1. ROshan Says:

    WHat does the update pack contain?

    • nieumat Says:

      Hi Roshan, the NIE UMAT Update Pack is just one book of 8 that we publish each year for UMAT prep. It comes out in April just after ACER release their official handbook and it updates our students on any changes being made to the test. If there are any major changes then we also include new curricula and practice questions to suit. If there are no changes then it still contains updated general info and a full UMAT practice test.


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