UMAT Facts!

Check the facts!

NIE has been providing elite level UMAT preparation since 1999 when it was first registered as an RTO. NIE was the first UMAT provider registered as an RTO.

We provide hardcopy books (5 of which are posted to you as soon as you enrol).
We write 1500 all new questions and tests every year (when we say we are up to date with all of the changes to UMAT… we mean it).
We back our courses with three full-time teachers that our students can access continually.

We do not criticise other providers, quite the contrary, in some cases we advise students to do two programs (as they are very different).

More teachers, more questions, personalised service.. and all for just $445.

2 Responses to “UMAT Facts!”

  1. Par Says:

    When are the updated book coming (the april one)?

  2. nieumat Says:

    Book 7 will be out to all of our students this week, so just a few days to go.

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