Just one month to go until NIE starts its teaching rounds of face to face workshops for the 2009 UMAT

Dear UMAT potentials,

With just one month to go until NIE starts it teaching rounds of face to face workshops for the 2009 UMAT, enrolments are at an all time high, proving not only just how committed students are these days but also how competitive the UMAT is.

The all new book for this year from NIE, The Update Pack, has now gone out to all of our currently enrolled students and only the final exam is left to complete the full set of eight books for the current year’s preparation.

For those not already enrolled with one of the proven NIE programs, time is running short with some workshops closing or reaching capacity. Don’t miss out on your one chance this year to be at your best for the most competitive test that you will ever face.

I must say, it was amusing to reflect on the typical rumours at the start of this year that UMAT was being dropped. Far from it! We have again seen an increase in the reliance of universities using this bizarre test, including some surprising overseas ones (for full details, refer to the NIE Update Pack).

Be aware also that time is running out to register for the UMAT itself this year as are the closing dates for applications to some of the universities (refer to the NIE Starter Pack).

Again, the team at NIE are committed to providing the most advanced and effective preparation. Realistically, who else offers eight quality books, true to the UMAT testing style, three full time teachers and ongoing 24 hour support? If you are serious about the UMAT, then get serious with NIE.

Some valuable links:

http://nie.edu.au/ general and latest info

http://nie.edu.au/umat.html UMAT info

University specific requirements – check these to help in choosing the right study path

http://nie.edu.au/courses.html NIE’s UMAT prep course info and costs

http://nie.edu.au/manuals.html NIE’s 8 books, an integral part of every course

http://nie.edu.au/workshops.html NIE workshop dates and info

http://nie.edu.au/testimonials.html NIE past students’ thoughts and praise

http://nie.edu.au/apply.html Our course application page and info


Some sample UMAT questions – try them out and email us for the answers…

http://nie.edu.au/contactus.html All the NIE contact info you’ll need

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